Be aware of paypal scam/phishing alerts

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Some of our merchants have been receiving these kind of emails that are supposedly from Paypal that asks them to verify their account or risk their account being closed and having a hard time to tell the authenticity of the email.

Please DO NOT click on the link and enter your password. It's a FAKE Paypal site designed to dupe users into giving another party your Paypal username and password. The email looks very real, professionally done and seems to be coming from "" but upon clicking the link, it will bring you to [] instead of []. The legitimately looking site also cleverly recognizes the country that you're coming from and adds the local suffix to the URL so users won't suspect that it's a scam

For more information on how to protect yourself from Paypal Phishing or scam cases, click here :…/se…/antiphishing-canyouspotphishing

Stay safe online!

Your Dashboard Takes On a New Look!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Our team has been working hard these past few months in revamping the Square dashboard to include a more modern design, new features and an overall amazing experience for our merchants

And we're super happy to announce that the new design is now live for all our merchants!

This facelift also includes some additional cool features that we think you'd like include:

1. Sales Report Graph

Check out an overview of your Square shop's sales to find out more about when your customers are making their purchases

2. Download Sales Report

Download a copy of your sales report to see how your online shop's performance

3. Bulk Actions

Easily assign variations to multiple products 

Or select multiple products from your inventory and apply a single action in just one click

4. Inventory Overview

Find out which item is running low in your online shop at a glance

5. Add Notes to Orders

Include notes for customer's orders for special requests, promotions and more

6. Updated Shop Configuration

Settings for your store are now categorised so that you can update all your shop's information easily

All these new features are designed to help our merchants focus more on selling and ease the management of your online shop while we take care of the technical nitty gritty

Experience the new redesigned Square admin dashboard for yourself. Check yours out here

We'll be rolling out more new features over the course of the next few weeks, so stay tuned for more!

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