Introducing Facebook Shopping Catalog Sync

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Wouldn’t it be exciting if you can tag your products on Facebook like how you tag your friends? Or run a smart Facebook ad that showcase the product that is most likely to sell? We’re excited to announce that now with AVANA you can do both of these in just a single click!

Your Facebook Shop for your Facebook page

Get your very own mobile compatible Your Facebook Shop that syncs with your AVANA webstore catalog.

All orders that are placed via Facebook shop will also be recorded in your AVANA inventory dashboard along with orders from other sales channels

Automatically attract customers via Dynamic Product Ads

Sync your AVANA products with Facebook and automatically create a Facebook Ads that knows which is your best selling products and continuously show that product via a smart Facebook Ads system.


Example of how Dynamic Product Ads can improve your sales:
Create product specific offers

Example of how Dynamic Product Ads can improve your sales:
Highlight product price on the top right corner of each product image

And with AVANA this is very easy to setup!

Tag your products easily in your posts

When you share about your products on your Facebook page timeline, you can tag related products along with the post. When your customers click on the tagged products, they will be able to see more details and make the purchase directly. All orders captured will be recorded in your AVANA dashboard for easy order management

Get Started with these new features today

The best part is, it is very easy to setup. It does not take a rocket scientist to do this. It just takes a click of a button!

Here’s how to get started: Navigate to your dashboard and select Facebook > Settings. Next, click Enable Facebook Shop to begin the process

At the end of this process, your product inventory will be synced to Facebook as a shopping catalog for you to start advertising

Yup, it’s that easy! Try out these new ecommerce-centric Facebook ad formats today to improve your sales conversion


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