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“Just do it, failure is actually not that scary”

– Arnold, Founder of Key It Simple


Here’s what Arnold, founder of Key It Simple had to say during our interview:

1) Tell us a bit about your business journey, how you came about deciding what to sell and how you got started?

Before I started this business, I had no entrepreneur experience. I was working in an event management company where we always need to run around, and sometimes with a huge bulk of keys in your pocket can be very frustrating for us when performing our event duties. So one day I was just joking with a colleague “How nice if we can have a master key to keep all our other keys”, this idea led me discover this technology in Europe, I foresee a demand here in Malaysia and started manufacturing my own version of key organiser and launched it in Malaysia.


2) Can you share with us when and how did you make your first sale? Which channels are now generating the most traffic and sales for you?

First sale is always the hardest, before this I had no online marketing knowledge, I just tried selling my product to anybody I meet and it wasn’t working very well. It was then my friend who runs another startup started teaching me about online marketing and since then my sales started to pick up. My biggest channel currently is Facebook.


3) Could you tell us how AVANA has helped your business? What features did you find most useful?

AVANA is the best tool that I have purchased. I have tried Shopify and other webstore etc..I can say that AVANA is the easiest to use among all and it comes with a free payment gateway. The best features i found is the Messenger Bot to handle the incoming PM messages during peak hours. It has reduced my job load by 50% to say the least.


4) What advice would you give to those who are planning to start an eCommerce business?

It is more fun than traditional business. Ever since I have started an online business, I have experience many first time experience, unlike brick and mortar business, online business actually gives you the flexibility to try out many different form of marketing. I have been to roadshow, sponsoring events and collaborated with other online company for marketing purpose. My advice is “Just do it, failure is actually not that scary” especially for e-commerce business as we have lesser commitment as we don’t have to risk buying a shop to sell products.

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Key It Simple – Swiss Army Style Premium Key Organizer

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