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Shopping for Raya has never been more exciting, with the variety of options available from our local merchants and designers. Products range from cloth to customize your designs, traditional baju kurung and jubahs to modern day festive wear. With a huge number of sellers going online, raya shopping is now only at your fingertips. It’s more convenient to shop online nowadays. Here are a couple of our favourite e-stores online to shop for Raya this year:

Shawl shopping

The shawl or hijab is one that comes in endless varieties of designs and colours to choose from. Not only so, there are so many ways to style them. How would you be wearing yours for Raya 2013?

1 – Shawlia | 2 – Fatimah Aisyah Collections


Fabricate your own designs

If RTW is not your cup of tea, fabric options are also aplenty. Get them fast and tailor them into your ideal designs that are uniquely yours in time for the festive season!

1 – Refabriqa Fabrics | 2 – Ikhtisas Collection Page

There are plenty more options from where these came from. Also, don’t go pondering too long on your decisions because stocks are limited and do take into account delivery for your purchases. Happy shopping and may you have an amazing wardrobe for Raya 2013!

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