How to activate a Facebook coupon code

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Activating a coupon code will vary depending on whether or not you’re a new advertiser or an existing advertiser.
To activate a coupon as a new advertiser:
(For current advertisers, please skip to Step #8)
Step #1 – Create an ad with the ad create tool
Select a page or website that you would like to promote using Facebook ads
Step #2 – Select what you would like your Facebook ads to achieve – i.e. More likes, promote a post etc
Be sure to fill in the necessary details for your ad with an attractive headline and interesting but short summary. Also, accompany your ad with a visually attractive image that bests represent your brand

Step #3 – Select your audience by keying in the interests of your target group
After that, select the currency and country settings for your Facebook ads account. Name your campaign and also allocate a budget and duration for your ad to run

Step #4 – Review your ad and continue to revise your ad until you are satisfied

In the payment options, look for the option ‘Coupon Code’ on the right

Step #5 – Check this option to enable your Facebook activation code in the following steps
You will also be required to enter a backup payment method in the case that the Facebook coupon expires or runs out

Step #6 – Please note you will be prompted to re-enter your Facebook account password as a validation checkpoint to avoid hackers

Step #7 – You will be requested to confirm your business address, business name and purpose of purchasing the ad

Step #8 – You will then see a summary of the backup payment method you entered earlier
Click on the ‘Add funding resources’ button on the top right corner

Step #9 – A pop-up will appear with payment options. Select the ‘Facebook coupon code’ option

Step #10 – Enter the coupon code that you’ve received in your email

Step #11 – Once you’ve entered the correct coupon code, a summary with your newly activated coupon code amount will be displayed

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