Selling on Facebook – Create an Organic Post

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So you’ve started your e-store on Facebook or are thinking to start one. The biggest question of all is, ‘How to reach your target audience?’ We’ve summed up a simple guide on how to make use of Facebook’s readily available tools and strategies for you to achieve this

Create an Organic Post

Create an organic Facebook post that announces your product to your Fans. But you must do this with advertising in mind, instead of just posting an image of your product and the price

Here are some tips to be mindful of:

  • Create a new post by sharing a link to your product page
  • Select a thumbnail image or upload an image for the post that is high in quality and interesting 
  • Make sure the image satisfies the 20% text rule
  • Create a copy that gets to the point quickly 
  • Insert your call to action within the first 90 characters of the copy
Here’s a sample:
Selecting an image (ideal width: 520 x 292) with the right dimensions is important to ensure that the image is stretched across your Facebook fans’ newsfeed on both desktop and mobile without it being stretched or resized unnecessarily 
An enticing copy with a quick call to action is also important within the first 90 characters as status messages are truncated after the 90th character on Facebook’s mobile version
Keep these tips in mind when creating new updates on your Facebook page that you can later use in promoting your page via Facebook ads. We’ll share more about this in our next post

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