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Over the past year, we’ve received plenty of very constructive feedback from sellers and shoppers on how to better improve the platform. We’ve listed all the improvements and have prioritised them to be released in stages to assist you in your online shop business

We understand that no man is an island and it may take several pairs of hands to manage an online business thus this new feature should come in handy to all sellers

Today, we will be introducing a new feature that will allow you to add additional admins to help you manage your online store. Here’s how:

Click on the newly added Add Admin button on your Square store dashboard to get started

Select from a list of your Facebook friends and send them a request to add them as an admin

The recipient will receive a Facebook notification from you

Once the recipient clicks on the notification, they will be directed to the next screen

The recipient only needs to click Accept to confirm the request

Facebook will then notify the recipients about permissions

They will then be directed to the dashboard of your online store where they can now begin to assist you in managing your online store

Try out this new feature and get your team on board help manage your online business. We’re always excited to hear from our sellers so do share your feedback with us!

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