5 things you should look for in an eCommerce platform.

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I’m sure for many of us a pre-built eCommerce platform is more appealing than having to hire a web developer and spend thousands of ringgit just to build a website which doesn’t help reach your Facebook audience. Why I mention Facebook? Many online businesses now day sell mainly on Facebook and Instagram, and many online sellers don’t want to lose their Facebook followers when trying to sell their products there.

The eCommerce platform market isn’t a small one, there are many various options available from starting from scratch to an easy drag-and-drop Webstore builder. So for a small online business, it would be advisable to start with a small investment for your website first while you build your business presence. Get an easy and simple to use platform that comes with the most important features needed to sell your product online efficiently. Better spend money on product marketing than building a website.

Well, the basics of looking for an eCommerce platform is of course having professionally designed templates and themes that best suits your brand and a responsive eCommerce website design to cater to your customers especially on mobile, tablet and desktop as most customers nowadays prefer to do their shopping online as it’s more convenient.

Here are some interestingly important things you should look for when finding the right eCommerce platform for your online business. Many online sellers don’t actually realize how important these things are to help in making their business take a step forward.

1.Social First

If you sell online and especially on Facebook, having a Facebook store will make a world of a difference. You won’t have to redirect your customers to a different page to make them do a purchase. Yes, it’s important nowadays to be able to sell directly from Facebook. Also make sure you switch on features that allow you to share your products from your store easily to your customers through Whatsapp, Twitter etc.

How does this benefit your business?

  • Customers pay without leaving Facebook, which will more likely bring in more customers due to the easy shopping steps.
  • Get data from your Facebook followers and export or save them to use for future promotions sharing or newsletter.
  • Publish products to page or personal timeline, albums or Facebook friends to help reach more audience and help with branding.
  • Automatically convert your social conversations from Facebook into sales orders.
  • Social Sharing – Easily share product to other social networks: Whatsapp, Line, Twitter, Blogspot & Email.

2.Product and Inventory Management

Running a business is not an easy thing to do especially when you have to constantly share new products, take down orders from customers and manage postage. You will need an easy to use website that can help you manage stock like a pro, automatically.

Look for:

  • Something that has a single centralized inventory that will allow you to easily add, edit and list new products in your Facebook store and eCommerce website.
  • A platform that is easy to use with just, drag and drop to add new product images.
  • One that allows you to display sale price for your products when running campaigns or promotions.
  • Webstore that allows you to label, group your products & have product categories.

3. Order Management

I’m sure as an online seller you constantly have inquiries and orders on Facebook and Website. On top of having to deal with that, you also have to keep track of your stock and sales. A good eCommerce platform also comes with this important features:

  • Enables you to receive new order notifications via email. Also invoices, tracking number updates and receipts to be automatically generated and emailed to your customers so you don’t waste time on manually doing it one by one.
  • A platform that allows you to display orders from different channels in a single dashboard so you won’t need to be logged into many different pages and complicate work.
  • Also important to be able to track your orders from multiple channels and payment status from customers so this will make accounts balancing easy every month.

4. Admin Dashboard

Running an online business can get messy if you don’t organize it properly. Having everything online in one place would make your work must easier to manage and time savvy.

A must have:

  • Centralized admin interface to manage all your sales channels in one place.
  • Quick and easy access to updating your shop’s information and pages.
  • Integrate payment gateway to receive payments from customers from multiple payment channels.
  • Easy SEO, Facebook Pixel integration and easy to enable Google Analytics integration to track your eCommerce website traffic.
  • Also important to have a flexible tax rate management system.

5. Merchant Support

Many eCommerce platforms come with fancy themes and features that are not even important or relevant to helping you sell online, but have some of the worse customer support. When it comes to looking for a platform you sell your products or services, its is important to know that there is someone behind those screens that will be willing to help you through from setting up, understanding and educating you. Make sure they have a friendly customer support via live chat, email support or Whatsapp to guide you at any time. It is also to make sure they have other support systems like online merchant knowledge base for tutorials, workshops or hands-on training.


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