5 Best Online Logo Maker For Your Business

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Having a logo for your business is very essential. A logo will define your brand and communicates your ownership. A logo helps you create awareness and makes it easier for people to identify your products or services.

Well, designing a logo can cost a lot if you hire a designer to do it for you. There are many ways around this, if you make some time to design your own you could save a hole in your pocket.

Today I’m gonna share with you some Logo Makers that you can use to design your own logo at little to low cost.

Online Logo Makers: 

1. Free Logo Design

This logo maker allows you to choose from their many templates and to design your own logo. You can download it for free, which will only be suitable for website use and not printing. But if you want a high resolution version of the logo then you would need to pay. It’s also easy to use.

Price for most basic package is: RM154


2. Free Logo Service

Looking for something easy to use with not to complicated designs? This logo maker also allows free downloads, but if you want unlimited changes, downloads, different sizes and resolutions then you will have to purchase it. Easy to use, just follow some simple steps and edit your logo accordingly.

Price is: RM158


3. Logojoy

Logojoy allows you to design and save the logo for free but you can’t download it. I would recommend this to those who don’t want to spend so much but want a creative logo. You have many options, its easy to use by just following the steps and you can also edit and customize it to your preference. This app also will suggest many different variations to choose from and that’s really helpful if you are not an artsy person.

Price for most basic package is: RM80 but for RM256 you can get a lot more


4. GraphicSprings

Simple is what you want? GrapicSprings has very simple icons to use. Its free to design but no free download. You will need to purchase their packages which are quite reasonable.

Price for most basic package is: RM79 for high resolution file


5. Logoshi

Logoshi gives you many suggestions that you can pick from and edit the colors and position. I find this less user-friendly. But it has one feature that’s awesome, you can sketch out a rough logo and it will create the logo for you. Best part is it doesn’t cost a bomb!

Price for most basic package is: RM20, you can take their best package at RM118


I would suggest trying out all the above before deciding which you really want to go with.    Always remember to make your logo simple but be creative so it’s easy for people to  understand and remember your business. Don’t overcrowd it and make sure it can go well with a black and white background.

Good Luck!

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