3 Tips To Get Powerful Testimonials

November 21, 2018 11:00 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Testimonials let you show customers the good side of your business. Testimonials show proof that you’ve solved real problems for real customers. And that’s what makes you more credible to new prospects. Testimonials are the most powerful tools to market your brand and products.

Here are 3 tips to get powerful testimonials:

1. Ask customers for testimonials when they are happy

Getting a feedback from your customer after they emphasize that they are happy works best, this will drive them to ay more positive things and make your testimonial look much more positive.

2. Give your customers some pointers

When you know your customer is willing to give a good testimonial suggest and ask them if you could give them some pointers that will be good for your business.

Example of questions;

  • How did you help them overcome their specific problem?
  • What did they particularly like about your products?
  • What about your delivery service?
  • How was their online shopping experience with you?
  • Would they recommend you to their friends or colleagues?
  • If they could suggest one change to the service, it would be…..?

So these are some examples of questions you can ask your customers to answer as points for their testimonial.

3. Edit your testimonial

This doesn’t mean to totally write one for your customer, just let them know that you would be making some adjustments to it before making changes. Pull out good and powerful points and use that to make a short and good testimonial.

Hope this simple tip helps! The more testimonials you can collect from your customers, the better it says about your business.

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