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As an online entrepreneur, you’ll usually have your own website. If you don’t have one then perhaps you have a Facebook page to share news or updates of your business to customer, right?

For any online business, the first few months are crucial to ensure that customers visit your page or website. In fact, it’s not complicated to get your online customers. What’s important is that you practice what the other online entrepreneurs do on their page. So today we’ll share some tips on what you can do with content marketing for your business.

The first thing you need to know is the type of content you can share on your website or Facebook page. The most popular type of content is infographic which is a visual representation of information. For example, if you look at the Facebook page of successful online entrepreneur, they usually diligently post picture with little information on their Facebook page (usually about their product or service). This kind of post is easy to attract the attention of your customers and prospects.

In addition, if you share interesting YouTube videos to attract your customer to your  Facebook page, they may stop scrolling and watch your shared video. Such curiosity will make your customers and prospects “stick” on your Facebook page and this could lead them to reading more about the information on your Facebook page. Well, indirectly your Facebook page will certainly become an added value to your business.

BUT REMEMBER! Before making any sharing on your Facebook page or website, you must know the right goals and targets for your marketing. Here, we’ve prepared a list of what you need to review before sharing content on your Facebook page:

(1) What is the content

(2) The purpose of the content (promoting the product or attracting customers)

(3) Who is the content for (existing customers or new prospects)

(4) How to create and promote the content,

(5) Where and when you want to post the content.




Hope that this sharing brings more benefits to you. Happy selling!

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