Why You Should Upgrade To WhatsApp Business

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WhatsApp announced their new addition, WhatsApp for Business and most interestingly, there are some extra features that they’ve added just like the feature in AVANA. Do you know what are these features? Let’s explore it together.




For those who are unsure what is the difference between WhatsApp Business and the WhatsApp that you use, WhatsApp Business is an application specially focused on businesses that receive inquiry messages from customers. If you are using WhatsApp Business, you can display business information like your location, hours of operation, website and so on in your account.

Additionally, there is a new feature added to WhatsApp Business which is not included on WhatsApp. We can add message when we are busy (Away Message), Quick Reply and Greeting Message. This feature is similar to AVANA’s Auto Reply.




WhatsApp Business is FREE! It can help you send preset messages so if you’re busy and don’t have time to reply to your customer message they will still be able to get a reply from you. It’s easier right?

If combine with automated features from AVANA platforms like Auto Reply and Messenger Bots, you won’t have to worry about having limited time to reply to your customers. It doesn’t matter if they send messages on Facebook, Webstore or WhatsApp – they will be responded to automatically, and of course they will be happy to continue purchasing  with you.

But you have to know that if you want to use WhatsApp Business, that number can’t be used for normal WhatsApp anymore. That means, if you change from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business – you can’t change it back to the normal WhatsApp. So, make sure the phone number that you use is specially for your business.



OK, the most important is to make sure all your business info is correct. Why? All this info will be displayed to customers when they see your WhatsApp Business account.

  1. Download WhatsApp Business app from Google Play Store/ Apple App Store.
  2. Register your business phone number. Follow the given steps and you can get the data from your old WhatsApp account.
  3. Create your business profile by clicking the Menu button – select “Settings”, select “Business Settings” and then select “Business Profile”. You can add business name, email, website and brief descriptions. So, customers will see this info when they click on your profile.
  4. That’s it and it’s ready! You can start to use this new WhatsApp Business account.



I hope you can learn something new today. Don’t forget to share with other business partners so they can use this knowledge for their business as well. Have a nice day!


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