3 Secrets to Motivate your Customer to Buy

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Do you know why shopping is often called “retail therapy”? It’s because the act of buying is an emotional activity. People make purchases not just because they have a need to buy a certain item but more often than not it’s because they want to.

If you’re able to tap into your customers’ desire, it’ll be a lot easier to sell your products to them. There’s a good reason why there’s always sales and promotional periods in the retail sector. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book on motivating customers to make a purchase.

There are actually a lot more ways to give prospects a nudge to turn them into a paying customer. Here are a few tips on how to motivate your customer to buy your products:


  1. Create a solid brand image

Consumer habits are a lot different today than it used to be. Many consumers are brand loyal and consider their purchases from certain brands to be part of their identity and self-expression.

It’s that emotional connection that improves brand affinity among customers. And it turns first-time customers to repeat buyers, which is often the yardstick of success for any retail brand.

Craft a unique brand image by investing time and resources to design attractive, eye-catching product images and ad visuals. Other ways to improve your brand image can be through partnerships with other brands, contributing a percentage of profits to selected charitable causes, or even considering to only use organic material for your retail products.


  1. Encourage loyalty

The ideal customer is a repeat customer. And one of the best ways to do this is to encourage and instill a sense of brand loyalty in them.

A quick and easy way to do this is to create a community where only members will be given special privileges, such as being the first to know of a new product launch, special rates and discounts, and first dibs on upcoming first-come-first-serve contests or promotions.

Another way is to either invest time or hire a dedicated social media manager to manage your platforms. If you don’t have enough resources, you can use AVANA and invite shop managers to help manage your store and marketing efforts.

This acts as a secondary form of customer service, where you regularly post updates and reply to comments and direct messages very promptly. It will show that you care and customers love brands that take time to respond to them.


  1. Leverage on scarcity

Scarcity is an extremely powerful concept in e-commerce. When a product is easily attainable, most people won’t have a strong reason to buy it on the spot. But the moment that same product comes in limited quantities, it suddenly becomes more valuable and desirable. And that is the basis of scarcity.

The best method to apply scarcity to your online business promotions is to either place a time limit to purchase a newly launched product (or even an old product that you’re trying to offload from your stock) or to display the number of units of the product that is left.

Although the price may remain the same, when the idea that your product is scarce and limited, it will automatically appear more valuable in the mind of your customer. You’d be surprised at how strong of an effect this has on consumers.


These tips can be used at any given time, whether during festive seasons or simply as a strategy to sell off your last few stock so you can re-stock them for the next season. Try them and use it as part of your core sales and marketing strategy, and watch as your conversions increase and revenue skyrocket.

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