5 Tips to Develop a Strong Brand Personality

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There are many ways to differentiate your online store from your competitors. Sell unique products, use guerilla marketing techniques, leverage on microinfluencers, just to name a few. But before you try more advanced methods, it’s best to get the basics right.

If you’re looking to differentiate yourself and attract more customer loyalty, nothing beats a strong brand personality. Not only will it humanize your brand and make it more relatable, but more importantly it’ll make your online store more memorable.

When your brand sticks to your customer’s minds, you’ll be the first place they’ll choose to shop when they’re looking for the type of product you sell. If you’ve yet to implement a brand personality, fret not. Follow this guide and tips to develop a strong brand personality:


Tip #1: Focus on your USP and promote it
The best way to stand out among your competitors and sell better is to have a solid unique selling proposition (or USP for short). If you look around at your competitors, you’ll notice that their products and USP are pretty generic. Sure, they can get some sales but it’ll be difficult to sustain it and scale it further. Find your USP and promote it as much as you can. That way your brand will be seen as unique and will provide a solid foundation to build your brand personality further.


Tip #2: Create a memorable tagline
Think of Nike’s iconic tagline – Just do it. It’s simple, easy to remember, and embodies everything that the brand is about. That’s the kind of tagline you want. Create one that reflects how you’d like your customers to think of your brand. Quirky? Funny? Or bold? Either way, make sure that it’s a memorable one-liner.


Tip #3: Be transparent
In this digital age, it pays to be transparent. Consumers are a lot smarter and discerning than they used to be, and brands that appeal to the human side of consumers will win in the end. To create a strong brand personality, you’ll want your customers to trust you. And that begins with transparency. You can be honest about your pricing, the material source of your products, or simply the way you write your product descriptions. Be transparent, be honest, and show your customers that you have nothing to hide.


Tip #4: Write a mission statement
When you create a brand personality, you need to be consistent throughout. From your webstore copy to your marketing visuals, they need to be cohesive. The best way is to write down your brand’s mission statement. Don’t have one? Easy, just think about where you’d want your brand to be and what you’d like it to stand for. Write a simple one paragraph, and you can even include that in your About page. That way your customers will understand what you’re all about and that you’re not only selling products but your brand also stands for something larger than itself.


Tip #5: Use emotions to humanize your brand
A lot of webstore speaks in a typical way and it often sounds very sales-y. If you’re looking to build a solid brand personality, you’ll need to stay away from that approach. Instead, inject some emotions to your brand – in your product descriptions, social media copy, newsletters, everywhere. It helps to humanize your online store and make it easier for consumers to connect with your brand. And it sure will make your brand a lot stronger and much more memorable to consumers.

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