Instagram Marketing Trends in 2019

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Instagram has become the trendy, go-to places for a lot of brands and small businesses. There are no surprises why; for the past two years, the number of users on Instagram has doubled from 500 million to a little over 1 billion in 2018.

The popular visual-driven social media platform has also changed and evolved a great deal. From a pure image and video sharing space, Instagram has added a lot of bells and whistles to their service, attracting celebrities, influencers, content creators, and consumers alike.

If you’re running an online store and looking to thrive and stay relevant this year, you can get a leg up by keeping up to date on the next big things on Instagram.

Here are a few predicted Instagram marketing trends that are set to take 2019 by storm:


Vertical videos

Vertical videos used to get a bad rap, but not any more thanks to Instagram and the rapid rise in smartphone usage. In fact, there are actually more vertical video content being created than ever before. Compared to horizontal videos, vertical ones create a more intimate and immersive experience for the viewers. And that works great especially for online retail brands or small businesses promoting their products on social media.


Instastory ads

Not a lot of companies have jumped on the Instastory ad bandwagon. It’s still relatively new and likely not suitable for all kinds of businesses. But for e-commerce? Instastory ads are perfect. It’s also still pretty cheap and boasts a much better conversion rate compared to Facebook or Google Ads, so 2019 might be a great time for your online store to capitalize on Instastory ads.


Live videos

As the use of Instastory increase, the same goes for live videos. Not only brands are doing it, but you’ll also notice even your friends are on Instagram live every now and then! It’s popular on Facebook, YouTube has implemented it, and now it’s gaining more traction on Instagram. If you notice, not a lot of retail brands have used live videos. But it could very well work on small brands or online stores. Think outside the box and be among the rare few online stores that promote their products through Instagram live.


Shopping through Instagram

Instagram first rolled out the shoppable feature in the United States, and now it’s available worldwide. With this feature, you’ll be able to add price tags to your product images on Instagram. It will then lead to a page with a CTA for your customer to purchase the product. Just like AVANA, Instagram has also noticed the rapid rise of social commerce and mobile shopping. Which is no surprise why users can now buy items directly on Instagram.

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