How to Promote My Business on Instagram

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We all know that Instagram can be an incredibly effective tool for brand promotion and product advertising. It has over a billion users (and growing), where even a small percentage of that can be your potential customers.

Popular social media platforms like Instagram can be an amazing way to promote your products or services. The question is how can you promote your business on Instagram? As an online seller that wants to step up its own game, these tips will come really handy to you.


Find a unique way to visually represent your brand

If you want to promote your business on Instagram, you have to know that everything is about visuals. You’ll need to take meaningful and quality photographs. Your main concern should be about how to create a powerful and effective image of your brand that will sell your products or services.

Be authentic and stay genuine

There’s only so long you can keep up an online persona, and especially if you are trying to start a business, people want to work with people they trust. Carry yourself online as you would if you had someone in front of you buying your product.

Collaborate with other brands (or influencers)

This is a great idea when you are first starting out. Collaborations in the e-commerce space usually involve a giveaway or competition of some sort.

Use hashtags

You’ll be surprised at how powerful hashtags can be. Although you do get the occasional spam followers or comments, there are still real people that will see your post through the hashtags that you use. To make it more effective, use a uniquely branded hashtag alongside other relevant, popular hashtags to reach out to more potential customers.

Post content frequently and consistently

You should build a trusting relationship with your followers. This means that you should post consistently and that you should not post anything that can be misleading or doesn’t align with your brand identity. You have to communicate with your customers, and it’s best to do it regularly through well-crafted messages on Instagram.


If you have 10 followers in the beginning, do not let this stop you. With quality content and good product offerings, you will soon gain many more. Instagram is very easily manageable, you just have to figure out who your target audience is and you should pay attention to when they post the most. This way you will be able to attract many of them.

Creating your business with the help of Instagram and Instagram community is indeed a great opportunity for you and your company. Social media is growing every day and it is not going to stop anytime soon. You will see that hard work will pay off eventually and this will make your business grow and attract many more followers and customers.

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