7 Call-to-Action Power Marketing Words and Phrases

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When a visitor lands on an online store, having a clear and persuasive call-to-action will determine whether they leave your store or end up making a purchase.

Every online store needs strong and persuasive call-to-actions. But they aren’t just limited to a prospect buying a product on your webstore, but also includes lead generation, signing up for your email newsletter, filling up a contact form, and more.

To help you get started and improve your call-to-actions, here are 7 powerful marketing words and phrases that can you adapt to your online store:


  1. Click here to find out all the details

Sometimes, plain and simple says it best. If you tell your reader exactly what he or she will get by clicking on the CTA, you’ll increase conversions.


  1. Reply today and get [insert discount amount or offer]

This is an example of a cause-and-effect CTA. It’s a powerful way to balance out the equation. It’s like a transaction. I’ll give you $10 and you’ll give me a premium font. I’ll give you $40,000 and you’ll give me a car.

In this case, though, there’s far less risk than with a purchase. You’re simply asking your audience to reply to your message — such as via email or social — to get something of value.


  1. Sign up for your [insert discount amount or offer] immediately

You can combine these CTA phrasing tips to make your call to action even more compelling.


  1. Start now to get [insert discount amount or offer]

Here’s a variation on the last CTA. “Start now” tells your prospect that he or she is about to embark upon an exciting process — and the rest of the CTA tells the user how he or she will benefit.


  1. Order now while there’s still time

This CTA suggests either limited quantities of the product or a limited time to take advantage of a deal. Either way, you’re pressuring consumers to act now rather than wait until opportunity passes them by.


  1. Click here to use this discount code today

People are more likely to click on your CTA if you suggest some sort of incentive. In other words, consumers need a “payoff” for a click.

When you mention in your CTA that you’re offering a coupon, you might convince more people to click through and see whether they’re interested in your offer. You can also mention the specific coupon, such as $10 off or a 20% discount.


  1. Order now and receive a free gift

A free gift doesn’t have to be physical. It could be a discount off a future purchase, a downloadable asset, or free access to a membership site. Use your imagination.

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