Understanding Consumer Behaviour and Motivations

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If you want to succeed as an online seller or an entrepreneur, you’ll need to understand why consumers behave they way they do. And, ultimately, what motivates them to buy.

The key to reaching and engaging with your prospects and customers is to understand the decision making process behind their purchase habits. Once you have a clearer idea, it’ll be much easier to persuade them to buy from you (instead of your competitors).

It’s also important to ensure your marketing campaign doesn’t go to waste, and help to inform the right direction on who to target, what messaging to send out, and how to design your visuals for your marketing activity. A successful marketing campaign will depend a lot on how well you can influence consumers and their buying behaviour.


The psychological factors that motivates consumers to make a purchase

According to the legendary marketing guru Philip Kotler, consumer behaviour is “the buying behaviour of final consumers, those individuals and households who buy goods and services for personal consumption.”

There’s no simple black and white guide as to how and what motivates a consumer to buy, but there are a number of key factors that are seen as primary drivers that influences their decision making process. These factors can persuade them to buy Product A as opposed to Product B, or exit Webstore C to enter Webstore D.

Here are 3 main psychological factors behind consumer behaviour:


  1. Motivation – What we buy is very much influenced by our motivation and goals in life depending where we are on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
  2. Perception – individuals all have a different perception of the world, which is unique to them. Some people feel that the world is a negative place and others feel it is full of optimism. This affects what people buy and their reaction to products.
  3. Attitudes – Attitudes lead people to behave in a fairly consistent way towards thoughts, feelings and tendencies. If you are old fashioned or conservative in your attitudes then this will affect what you buy, wear or think across the board.

If you’re a new online seller, it might take time for you to understand the consumer behaviour in your industry. Be patient and observant, and it’ll be well worth the wait. Creating consumer surveys and posting it on your Facebook page or inserting in your email blast are easy ways to collect valuable data about their behaviour.

You can ask for feedback on your products or webstore, their favourite hobbies, how they spend their time, their income level, where they live, and so many more questions that can give you a better idea of who they are and what are the motivating factors behind their purchasing decision making process.

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