Why You Should Use Messenger Chatbots for Marketing

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Chatbots used to be all the rage when it was introduced years ago, but is it still necessary for businesses today?

Larger organizations that are either service oriented or has products to sell will usually have the resources and budget to hire an entire team of customer service staff. For smaller companies and online sellers, this is definitely not the case.

In e-commerce, the webstore owner themselves will usually handle all customer inquiries or complaints, which can happen around the clock and be very time-consuming. If the webstore only operates and sell products locally or within the same timezone, it might be doable to a certain extent. But what if, as an online seller looking to grow, you need to tap into other overseas markets with differences in time zones?


Importance of customer service in e-commerce

A lot of new entrepreneurs fail to realize the importance of providing prompt customer service. Next to selling good quality products and timely shipping, customer service is also way up there. The digital world moves at a rapid pace and consumers often have many choices to select from when shopping online.

When you’re always online and available to answer questions from potential customers, it increases the conversion rates of those prospects. At the same time, providing excellent and prompt customer service helps to retain your current customers longer while enhancing your webstore’s brand quality and reputation.

Answering queries and helping customers solve their problems is an important part of ensuring customer loyalty. It’s for this reason that large companies like Amazon employ an entire fleet of customer support staff.


Chatbots, the future of customer service

If you’re a solopreneur running a webstore on your own, it’s near impossible to always be online and answer 100% of all comments or messages from potential customers. So how can you be online 24/7 without losing sleep? That’s where using a chatbot will come in real handy.

Chatbots are computer programs or apps that can be pre-programmed to answer specific queries or engage in simple conversations with users. Depending on what kind of input is given to the chatbot, the bots can be given distinct personalities to reflect your brand. They’re available in most popular messenger apps, and the best among all is undoubtedly Facebook Messenger.

With the AVANA platform you can easily integrate the Facebook Messenger app with your webstore and Facebook store, and automate your customer service. It can be very useful when you’re too busy to handle customer queries, on holiday, or simply at night while you’re sleeping.

By using AVANA’s Facebook Messenger automation, you’ll be able to respond and engage with literally every potential customer that drops a message to your webstore or Facebook store. Imagine what that will do for your brand reputation! Using a chatbot is an incredibly easy way to scale up your operations while communicating with more prospects.

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