How to Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates on your e-Commerce Site

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If there’s one thing that most online sellers get most frustrated about, it’s cart abandonment.

It’s difficult enough to get customers to your webstore and a challenge to get them to click to purchase. But then comes that final barrier, that moment between a customer adding a product to the checkout cart to making payment.

Some customers are quick to add to cart and make a purchase, while others will keep adding items into their checkout cart. Those that added products to cart will eventually make the necessary payment, while a certain percentage will abandon their cart altogether.

You can be a master marketer and get tonnes of traffic to your webstore but it won’t count for much if you can’t convert them.

Here are some tips on how to reduce your e-commerce site’s cart abandonment rate:


  1. Offer free shipping (or a discounted shipping rate). Alternatively, you can also offer an express shipping option.
  2. Simplify your checkout process and make sure it requires the minimum amount of steps and effort for the customer to checkout and make payment.
  3. Feature social proof, security symbols or well-known logos. For e-commerce, you can include testimonials from your past customers, SSL certificate symbols, and logos from payment service providers (or VISA, Mastercard, and the likes).
  4. Provide a Facebook Messenger chat option through AVANA. In case they have any final doubts, giving them the opportunity to ask you questions can help them make a buying decision quicker.
  5. Improve your return policy and make it clear. Sometimes, it increases the conversion rate for customers (especially first-time buyers) when they know the items purchased can be easily returned in case it doesn’t meet their expectations or gets damaged during shipping.


Try to implement these easy tactics for your webstore to improve your checkout rate. Implement them one by one and track the differences, so that way you’ll have a clearer idea which tactic works best for your webstore.

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