Simple Ways to Boost Your Online Sales Revenue

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The toughest part about running an online business is getting consistent sales. Seeing dips and highs in your online sales revenue is part an parcel of the e-commerce industry. There are months where people shop more and there are times when sales are the lowest.

Festive periods like Christmas, Chinese New Year and Ramadhan are usually the best periods for increased sales for most webstores. But what about the months in between retail high seasons?

It’s a common problem among most online sellers and there will be a time that even you will see a stagnant sales revenue. If you’re running your webstore to earn some part-time income, it may not be a big issue yet. But if you want a better income and run an online business full-time, you’ll need to find way to scale up.

Here are a few tips to help you boost your online sales revenue:

1. Build trust with reviews and testimonials.

If there’s a surefire way to improve your webstore’s conversion rates, it’s featuring your customer’s reviews and testimonials. It’ll help to increase trust, especially among first-time buyers, and give them that additional nudge to click buy.

2. Clearly explain your value proposition on your landing pages

A value proposition is key to differentiate your webstore from other competitors. When you clearly explain your brand’s value proposition, it’ll help to convince prospects to convert into customers. If you’re not sure what your webstore value proposition is, just ask yourself – how does your online store benefits your customer? Use that and feature it prominently on your website.

3. Run a contest giveaway

Contest giveaways can be a good idea to run during low retail seasons. You’ll need to sacrifice a bit of cost for product giveaways, but if done right it’ll be a valuable way to increase your online sales revenue. It’ll bring more traffic to your store and you’ll also get the chance to capture more leads and reach out to them again the next time you’re running a promo.

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