Ways to Earn Customer Trust When You Have Zero Sales

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Creating and setting up your very first webstore can be a really exciting experience. You’ve worked hard to get it up and running and you’re brimming full of hope, waiting for the first sales to come in.

Though as invigorating it may be, you might be asking yourself, “how will customers trust me enough to buy my product?” It’s a valid question and one that literally every first-time e-commerce entrepreneurs ask themselves.

Getting traffic to your webstore is the easy part. Once your potential customers arrive, will they make a purchase? It’s not like your brand is a household name, in fact, you’ve just launched and literally nobody knows you.

It can be pretty daunting but fret not, there are in fact certain tricks you can apply to get your first few sales. Here are a few tips on how to earn customer trust when you have zero sales:


  1. Develop a human connection

We live in a time where everything is automated.  A crucial mistake most businesses do is focusing only on the business aspect and often ignoring the human side of it. As a business with no track records to showcase, this connection plays a crucial role in customer acquisition.


  1. Make use of storytelling and create compelling content

With the power of content, you get the unique opportunity to directly engage with multiple customers at the same time. The best practices including showing off your content on social media. Also, blogging regularly about topics in your industry, and addressing challenges can help you gain customers in the most organic way possible.


  1. Provide world-class customer service

Your customers may have a million questions to ask you and you must prioritize them. Be sure to be present on multiple social media platforms and make it a mode of establishing engagement and conversations with your customers. Additionally, having an FAQ’s page can help customers answer most of the questions before reaching out to you for help.

You’ll notice that these examples above focus more on connecting to your potential customers on a human level. Although it might seem ironic for an online business, establishing a relationship with your prospects can be the easiest and most powerful thing you can do.

It builds rapport with customers and makes it easier to earn their trust, especially for consumers in the Asian market. This is especially key when you’re running a social commerce store. Make full use of the Facebook Messenger function and integrate it with your AVANA store to make your processes smoother and more efficient.

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