Increase Your Revenue by Speeding Up Checkout

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Convenience is a key part of an online shopper’s buying experience. It’s a big reason why e-commerce has grown so rapidly. People like the option of buying products from the comfort of their home (or office) and get the goods delivered to them in just a few clicks.

If your webstore is busy, clunky, and difficult to use, you’ll see a much higher cart abandonment rate. To capture first-time visitors and get your customers to keep coming back, you’ll need to create the easiest possible way for them to shop on your webstore.

Here are tips to increase the checkout process of your webstore and see your revenue increase:


Clearly show (and explain) the checkout process

Amazon does this brilliantly well. If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon, you’ll notice that buying products and making payment on the platform is so easy and seamless. Once you’ve added items to the cart and decide to checkout, the page clearly indicates what you need to do and shows the entire process from filling in your billing and shipping details to making payment.

Limit navigation for the checkout page

When a customer is adding products to shopping cart, you can provide shopping suggestions to up-sell or cross-sell. But once a visitor starts the checkout process, limit navigation options. Don’t keep your top navigation and footer active. That way it’ll be easier to keep them in the checkout page that can subtly push them to complete the order and payment.

Use live chat

Having a live chat option is useful and can reduce the rate of cart abandonment in case your customers face problems during checkout. Facebook Messenger is a great live chat option. You can easily integrate it into your AVANA webstore and Facebook store, which will make communicating with your customers that much easier.

Make sure your order forms are user-friendly

Whether it’s a billing or shipment form, make it as easy as possible for them to fill in. Don’t ask for unnecessary information and keep short and sweet. Filling in forms can be time-consuming, so if your form is too long or clunky, it might turn off some customers and slow down their checkout process.




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