The Persuasive Power of Testimonials

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Successful e-commerce entrepreneurs know that the most persuasive sales messages don’t come from the webstore or brand itself. Instead, they come from other satisfied customers.

You’re not the most credible source of information on your product, because you have an incentive to sell it. Or at least that’s how your prospects see it. But when your sales message comes from a genuinely satisfied customer, prospects view that as far more credible and persuasive.

When you combine the social influence that other happy customers have with a back story, you get the most valuable type of content – testimonials.


Building trust and credibility through social proof

Testimonials are essentially why word-of-mouth marketing is arguably the most effective form of marketing.

When a customer bought or used a product that met or exceeded their needs, who then tells someone else about it, he or she will be more likely to believe in the brand and make a purchase.

That is what we now know as social proof. You can see it in the form of reviews and star ratings on Facebook pages, Google My Business pages, and e-commerce sites like Amazon. It’s an incredibly powerful tool that can improve your brand’s credibility and build a strong sense of trust with potential customers.


The bandwagon effect

People have a habit of following other people, especially when it’s seen as trendy or valuable. Testimonials work in this same exact way where prospects will be more likely to jump on the bandwagon (hence the bandwagon effect) when they see other people benefiting from the brand or product.

When you display a strong sense of social proof on your webstore, it gives that extra nudge to prospects and becomes a strong persuasive factor of turning them into a customer. And it’s also part of the reason why social commerce is booming.


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