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For most new online sellers, getting into the e-commerce space means entering entirely new territory. Whether they’re first time retailers or experienced offline sellers, opening a webstore often involves a very steep learning curve.

There’s no doubt that there are plenty of resources online to learn about the e-commerce industry, how to setup and manage an online store, and everything else that comes along with it. But it’s usually pretty time-consuming.

Instead, there’s actually a better way to learn better and quicker, and that is to learn directly with experienced professionals in the e-commerce space.


Learning the ins and outs of e-commerce through an academy

Unlike other e-commerce platforms, AVANA provides a priceless opportunity for both new and experienced sellers to learn directly from experienced professionals in the industry.

While learning the DIY route online can be slow and rather dull, learning the ropes to online selling through AVANA Academy is far more hands-on. It’s held offline and on a regular basis, where attendees can engage and ask questions directly to the course instructors.

For those who either live too far or too busy, AVANA also provides webinar hosted by experienced e-commerce professionals and marketers.

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