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Social commerce is booming. In Asia, online shopping is growing at an unprecedented rate, fueled by deeper internet penetration, wider adoption of smartphones, and increasing consumer demand.

It’s no surprise then that B2B companies like Alibaba and Taobao have flourished by providing a platform for retail businesses to connect to resellers and factories. And so has small online stores and e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

Though most major e-commerce platforms offer plenty of features to help e-commerce entrepreneurs sell easier online, few cater specifically to social commerce. AVANA was created with this in mind, offering a full suite of solutions for online sellers to reach consumers through their webstore and social media platforms.


A social first e-commerce platform

AVANA is built social first and has deep integration with Facebook and Instagram. Sellers that use AVANA will have options to easily and quickly set up a webstore without having to code and seamlessly connect it with their Facebook store.

Compared to other regions, there’s a larger percentage of Asians that buy products directly from social media. And this is what makes AVANA an ideal solution for Asian sellers.

Shopping on Facebook stores is made easier with AVANA. As a seller, you’ll be able to fully leverage Facebook and get data from your customers, push products to your personal timeline or Facebook friends, automatically convert conversations to sale orders, and so many more.

On top of that, you’ll also be able to automate your customer service workflow by using Facebook Messenger. AVANA allows for seamless integration of the Facebook Messenger function with your webstore, giving prospects who land on your website an easy way to contact you.


Easily create a webstore without coding

Building an e-commerce store usually takes a lot of time, money and resources. The next best option is to go for a platform that has ready-made templates to quickly whip up a professional looking online store.

AVANA is one of the few e-commerce platforms that offers a user-friendly way of creating a webstore without the need to code or hire web developers. There are a number of ready-made templates to use and edit, with an easy-to-use drag and drop features.

It’s also a simplified solution where you don’t need a thousand and one plugins to make your webstore work. Instead, AVANA has handpicked a shortlist of key services that you can use to improve your e-commerce business, like installing Facebook pixel, email marketing through Mailchimp, and others.
Full suite of solutions, including product, inventory and shipping management

Although AVANA is a social first platform, it has a slew of solutions that allow you to manage your online retail business on a single dashboard. Gone were the days where you’ll need to manually record every sale you make, how much stock you have left, and track shipping yourself.

AVANA’s dashboard allows you to view your products sold in real-time, which then automatically updates your inventory so you’ll be able to see and anticipate by when and how many products you’ll need to restock.

It also shows all the orders made and the progress with Pos Laju. That way in case there are any shipping problems and delivery delays, you can address it immediately or communicate with your customers.

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