Create Your Own E-Commerce Site without Any Coding

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Setting up an e-commerce site can be pretty complicated. If you’re looking to create one from scratch, be prepared to spend a lot of money to build a decent platform. If you only have a small budget, there’s a big likelihood that your site won’t pan out the way you hope it would.

E-commerce websites have a lot of moving parts and some of the components can be quite complicated, for example, the payment integration and checkout mechanisms. That’s why building one requires an experienced web developer. Want it to look good? Then you’ll also need to hire a web designer.

Add them all up, creating an e-commerce site can range anywhere between a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. Not to mention it’ll usually take about 1-2 months to get the first version out, minus the additional work needed to tweak and improve it to get to the final version.


Find a ready-made, drag-and-drop e-commerce platform

Thanks to advances in software tech in the e-commerce space, there are plenty of options that enables non-tech entrepreneurs to create a great looking online store. Without any coding needed!

Webstore solutions like AVANA are one of the rare few that comes with a complete suite of solutions that an entrepreneur needs to operate and run an online retail business. That includes a customizable web design template, automated chat messenger, email marketing, and an integrated buyer database system.

Building an e-commerce site with AVANA is surprisingly easy. It features a drag-and-drop dashboard where you can design your webstore to your own liking, without having to consult experienced web developers or designers.


Minimal work, maximum results

The best thing about creating your own e-commerce site without any coding is that it’s incredibly fast and you’ll be able to edit and improve it quickly in the future. Since all the heavy lifting is done for you, the only thing you need to do is to focus on how to run an efficient online store.

With AVANA, you have the option to use a unique URL that is hosted under, or you can register your own branded domain and connect your webstore to it.

Do you believe that you can get your domain registered and webstore designed and up and running within 24 hours? It’s definitely possible! Try it for yourself and see if you can create one within a day.

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