Essential E-Commerce Tools To Understand Your Users Better

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Understanding your product is just as important as understanding your customers. Many sellers make the mistake of seeing their webstore as a one-way street – a customer visits their store, buys a product, the seller ships the item, the end.

The reality can’t be further from the truth. Though many online stores do just fine with that type of approach, they are less likely to grow and sustain in the long term. Especially in the face of increasing competition as the e-commerce industry become more and more competitive.

Instead, you should look at your webstore as a much more dynamic space rather than just a place for people to buy products. Understanding your customer should be in the top priority. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn from your customer’s behaviour and how that can help you in countless ways to improve your online business.


The best analytics software is… free!

How do you know when, how many, and how often do visitors land on your webstore? That’s easy – you’ll need a web analytics software.

But that sounds kind of expensive, doesn’t it? Well, it used to be. But not anymore. It may surprise you but the most powerful and user-friendly web analytics solution is in fact free! It’s called Google Analytics.

No matter what type of website or e-commerce platform you use, you can easily integrate it with a Google Analytics account. With AVANA, it’s even easier. Once you login, just go to your Dashboard, scroll down, and click Tracking.

On the Tracking page is where you can copy and paste your Google Analytics tracking ID, which you’ll receive once you’ve registered a free Google Analytics account.

The tool will show you a wealth of data regarding all the prospects and customers that land on your page, including the number of unique visitors, pageviews, landing page views, time spent, bounce rate, and so many more.

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