Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

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SEO is arguably one of the most underrated marketing channels around. Although it boasts the highest ROI for the long-term, it’s highly underutilized by most online retail entrepreneurs.

What a lot of sellers don’t realize is that a well-optimized webstore can attract a lot of clicks (and hence prospective customers) over a long period of time. And the best part? The traffic is organic and it’s free!

Search engines like Google have gotten smarter over time, and although there are a lot of resources on optimizing pages and websites, there are also a lot of pitfalls that you’ll need to avoid if you don’t want Google to downgrade your website ranking and visibility on search.

To help you get to most out of your webstore’s SEO, here are some of the most common mistakes that you can easily avoid:


  1. Not creating original content


Google really dislikes duplicated content. Their crawlers will immediately spot if you’ve uploaded an article or product description that was copied elsewhere. Once that is found, your page penalized and your webstore will drop in search rankings.


  1. Skipping keyword research


Keyword research is the very foundation of SEO. It won’t work if you don’t research on relevant, high-value keywords to include in your webstore’s content and product descriptions. It’s only through keyword research that you’ll be able to identify what type of keywords will work best for your brand and products. Without that, your SEO efforts will be for nothing.


  1. Stuffing keywords into your webstore


Keyword stuffing used to work, but it’s seen by Google as a black-hat tactic and will definitely get your webstore penalized. If you’re not sure what keyword stuffing means, it is when you insert a keyword one too many times within a page. Many websites rank by only having a few keywords, because it’s done right. Having more keywords won’t get your webstore ranking better, instead it’ll do the exact opposite.


  1. Backlinking to irrelevant websites


One of the best ways to improve your SEO is through backlinking. Backlinking is when another website inserts your webstore’s URL into their content, whereby it effectively links back to your webstore. It’s just as crucial as optimizing your content with the right keywords, if not more important. But what you shouldn’t do is to negotiate with random websites to insert your URL into their content. Google will see that as a black-hat tactic. For example, if you’re selling shoes, you shouldn’t be backlinked from a dentist. Instead, you’d want a backlink from a fashion design blog.

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