How Great Customer Service Turns First-time Shoppers into Lifetime Fans

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The key to a successful online store doesn’t depend on how many new customers you can get but how many of them will stay on as long-term buyers.

When you have more customers with high lifetime value (LTV), your revenue will increase while marketing costs will either stay consistent or even reduce.

Acquiring new customers can get pretty expensive, which is why a lot of brands and businesses invest more resources and apply various strategies to retain customers. Consumers who stay on as regular buyers often contribute more toward’s the business’s revenue.

So, how do you keep customers once you’ve attracted them to your online store? The secret lies behind providing a great customer service.

Here are a few tips on how to turn first-time shoppers to long-term customers:


  1. Exceed their expectations


For most buyers, online shopping is a cut and dry process. They browse the website, choose a product, and make a purchase. And it ends there.

Instead, provide them with a superior customer service that will surprise them. If they have a question about your product, prices or shipping details, speak to them as if you’re speaking to a friend (but maintain your professionalism).

Be friendly, warm, and helpful. Although your webstore sells products, treat your customers as though you’re running a service-based brand and give them the best customer service possible.


  1. Connect with them post-purchase


Customer service shouldn’t be limited to only answering queries by prospective customers. It should also extend to after-sales service.

Craft a thank you email for first-time buyers (but make sure you capture their email through the customer registration page when they’ve checked out and about to make payment). On the email, acknowledge that they’ve made the first purchase and let them know that they can get in touch with you (via email) if there are any issues with the product or shipping.

It will show that you care about them and they will feel comfortable knowing that they can reach you at anytime, in case they face any issues after purchasing your product.


  1. Create a loyalty program


Don’t underestimate the power of loyalty programs. Rewarding your customers with discounts or free gifts might cost you a bit of revenue, but it may prove beneficial for your brand in the long run.

When you have a solid and active loyalty program, it encourages and incentivises your customers to stay with you instead of going to another webstore. Include a birthday discount code for all your customers, as it will help to remind them of your presence and give them a reason to shop on your webstore again.

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