Drive Customer Loyalty with a Remarkable App Experience

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If you walked into a store and it’s bright and beautiful, and you find it easy to navigate and comfortable to browse the products, wouldn’t you be less likely to leave? Even if there might not be many items there that you’d want, you might still be curious enough to linger around.

The same principle can be said about e-commerce websites and apps. When a webstore gives a superior user experience (UX), they will be less likely to exit and bounce off your page. And when a prospect stays on your page longer, the likelihood of him or her converting to a customer also increases.

On top of that, when a webstore or app has great UX, it also encourages the brand’s current customers to keep coming back. That’s because UX in e-commerce is a huge influencing factor towards customer loyalty.


Why you need good design

Online shopping is not just an activity for most people, it is also an experience. That is why it has become even more important for e-commerce brands to provide a good user experience in order to retain them.

When a customer enjoys the browsing and purchasing experience on an e-commerce webstore or app, it increases the customer’s loyalty towards that brand.

Customers have become far more discerning than ever before, and selling good products alone won’t cut it. To improve your customer retention and loyalty, you need to also give them a good online shopping experience on your webstore.


Focusing on smartphone users

The latest statistics have shown that a large majority of consumers, up to 60% in Asia, shop online through their smartphones.

While desktop users that visit e-commerce stores are likely from offices and workplaces, most other consumers use their smartphones throughout the day to browse e-commerce stores.

Due to a much higher number of smartphone users today, webstores need to start focusing on creating good UX for mobile. Your e-commerce store should not only look good but also be mobile responsive.

That means if a prospective customer views your webstore on their iPhone or Android phone, it should give him or her a good experience. Your visuals, font, and buttons should be visible, easy to find, and the navigation needs to be intuitive.

Creating mobile responsive sites can be a complicated and expensive exercise, which is why opting for AVANA’s webstore solution may very well be a better option. AVANA’s easy to use drag-and-drop webstore builder is able to create a professional looking e-commerce site that looks great on desktop and perfectly mobile responsive.

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