Stocking up toilet papers? Don’t panic, people!

March 24, 2020 3:09 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Things can change pretty fast. As you watch the world unravel, you’ll be shocked to see how Covid-19 has impacted the economy.

Just six weeks ago, the U.S. economic picture was very bright with unemployment at a 50-year low, strong wage growth, and record optimism among small businesses, until COVID-19, the novel coronavirus came to the U.S. Now?

Recession is likely to ensue. I don’t think people really grasp how bad the economic fallout from Covid-19 is going to be if it’s not contained soon.

We’ve already seen major hits to airlines, hotels, restaurants, shipping industries, and events. People are more conservative in spending money. So it’s only a matter of time before the loss of revenue at these companies gets translated into employees being laid off.

Working shifts will be cut short…

It’s going to get ugly very fast. Economy and stock prices are going down the drain. Especially when half of the Malaysian lives paycheck to paycheck.

If this is not contained soon enough, bills will keep stacking up – mortgage payments, student loans, credit card payments. Some people might have trouble to put food on their table. It doesn’t take an economy expert to see the ripple effects of this virus.

This has become a common topic in today’s press/media. And this won’t be a short term problem. We’d like to encourage you to stay safe, and keep an eye out on your spending.

More importantly, you as a business owner need to make wise decisions so that your business can sustain in this dark time and still propel in the right direction.

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