Don’t miss out ‘human touch’ to your online business in this tough period

April 8, 2020 10:09 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Everyone likes a human touch, especially in this technologically dominated era.

Even for online businesses, many have turned to chatbots to simplify their customer support process. Sure, it can cut costs and reduce employment issues.

But as they say, customer service can make or break a business. Every customer still prefers to communicate to a real person to get the answers they want.

Chatbots usually respond with standard answers and if the question is still not answered, the customer still has to be redirected to a customer service personnel.

Imagine the frustration and time wasted on the customer’s part. When you respond to your customers’ query personally, it gives them the confidence that the business is listening and cares about their needs.

A business with great customer service is more likely to survive in the long-term. Even if you have a great product or service, you’ll lose customers if you are unresponsive and uncaring.

A missed customer response can be a missed opportunity in business. Reflect on your customer service approach in every area.

Are you responding to your customers quick enough?

Do you come across as genuine?

Do you provide consistent updates and feedback?

Remember that your customer base is the pillar to the success of your business. Improve your customer service and see your customer base expand!

“When we work together, we become stronger. Let’s help each other during this challenging time”

Doing our part for the nation in this trying time, AVANA is launching the “MoveDigital campaign” to assist you to move your business online with the help of our certified consultants.

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Let us pull together and support each other during Covid-19! 

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