Easy Ways To Skyrocket Your Raya Sales

April 28, 2021 8:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Ramadan is the holy month in which we are blessed with happiness and prosperity. It is a season where consumerism is at its peak, and businesses everywhere will try to make the most of it. 

Despite these times of uncertainties with the ongoing pandemic, the Ramadan spirit remains strong. So fret not. Here are some easy tips to boost your sales in the festive season of Aidilfitri!

Know your target market

Research is the most fundamental aspect of a business. Get to know your target market from a consumer’s perspective and ask questions such as –  “What is my target market’s behaviour?“, What do they need?“.

It is essential to figure out how your product can cater to their needs, especially during the fasting period.

Have a timeline

A timeline ensures that you are doing proper planning. Set a target time or an exact date on when to launch your product or a marketing campaign. Keep in mind that the longer you wait, the harder it gets. Planning should be done as early as possible, and don’t just stop there! Extend your timeline until Raya season while you’re at it!

Personalise your marketing

As mentioned previously, getting to know your market is crucial. Once you’ve gathered data, design ads that can attract their attention. Besides that, customise your social media posts by writing up a personalised caption instead of making it sound typical ‘salesy’. Personalised ads are more likely to receive engagement.

Use seasonal keywords

When launching your marketing campaign, make sure your products and messages resonate with the festive season of Raya. Make full use of the seasonal keywords such as baju kurung,  Ramadan, bazaar, Aidilfitri and kuih raya in your content. These keywords attract customers to your business while they are shopping for Raya.

Sell on multiple channels

Selling your products on multiple channels brings more visibility to your business. Other than webstore and social media platforms, you can also sell your products at AVANA Raya Mall. Sign up here today! 

Offer discounts

Now that you’ve launched your marketing campaign, it’s time to give what customers love the most. Promos, of course! Offer discount code or conduct a limited-time Ramadan event for customers to participate, such as giveaways, promotions, clearance and many more.

Launch Raya combo or package

When Raya is nearing, you start thinking about how else can you boost your sales before the season is over. At this time, customers who lead busy lives tend to shop at the very last minute, which is an excellent opportunity for you! Use this last-minute timing to your advantage by offering your customers a Raya combo or package.

Increase customer engagement

In any marketing campaign, customers would want to feel valued. Be active in sending your customers a customised Ramadan greeting. Besides a ‘Happy Ramadan’ wish, let your customers be the first to know about your campaign and its promotional deals! 

Retarget your audience

Customers can come and go without batting an eye on your business page. This is where retargeting comes into the picture. Retargeting allows your followers to return to your page once you’ve advertised your marketing campaign. Influenced by the festivities of Ramadan, they may show interest in your launched products.

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