How To Boost Your Online Sales Using WhatsApp

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WhatsApp and Telegram are some examples of mobile applications that everyone uses nowadays to communicate with each other. You can use it to text, call, video call, share pictures, share files with someone instantly (and it’s free!), which makes SMS more like a typewriter than WhatsApp, which is more like a computer. WhatsApp has grown over the years, that this mobile app is also a popular channel for many merchants to boost their online sales.

Why do many merchants use WhatsApp to increase their online sales? In Malaysia alone, 68% or 22 millions of our population are active users of WhatsApp’s messaging service. As there are more than 60 million messages are sent daily, about 98% of WhatsApp messages sent are opened and read by the receiver.  On top of that, 90% of them were opened and read within 3 minutes! Therefore let us give you some pointers on increasing your online sales using this excellent mobile app.

Create a brand persona

Customers prefer to communicate with people, not an impersonal business. Therefore you need to form your brand persona.

If you notice, all market leaders have personas. For instance, people’s impression of Apple is creative and intellectual. Meanwhile, Nike seems passionate and energetic. Showcase your brand some personality; try to explore it and spot the most meaningful traits. This persona will become fundamental to your tone of voice and communications with potential customers on WhatsApp.

Create a feeling that your customers are dealing with a person, not a robot. Try to use a person’s name as a signature to work better than a company’s name.

Build a contact list

Build a contact list can help you more than just a customer support channel. Subscription forms are the best way to grab new contacts. Place them on different pages of your website and offer a lead magnet – special discount etc.

Using multichannel forms allow your subscribers to choose where they want to receive updates – via WhatsApp, email, and so on. This approach lets you communicate with customers through the channels they prefer. This approach creates higher engagement and boosts conversions.


You can send your customers informational or promotional content via the “Broadcast” feature without breaching their privacy, as it works like the BCC feature in emails. Bear in mind that because you need your customers’ consent to send them WhatsApp messages, you can be sure that you’ll only be targeting interested leads.

Besides the”Broadcast” feature, you can also use the “Status” feature to share information about flash sales and promotions. As this feature only available for 24 hours to its viewers, you can use it to tap into your customers’ scarcity mindset to increase conversions.

Improve your product visibility

The catalogue feature in WhatsApp Commerce serves as a mobile storefront for business owners like you to showcase your products without leaving the app. It saves you a lot of time from the hassle of sending photos one at a time and repeating information.

You can add price, description, images, product name, and number for each item in the catalogue. You can also group similar items in one catalogue. Alternatively, you can create a separate catalogue for each item and upload variants of the same picture.

Never miss customers’ message again

Sometimes when you receive too many PMs from customers, you may miss or forget to reply. Through WhatsApp Commerce, you don’t have to worry anymore because customers can complete their payment straight from the app! 

Even your customer orders will be processed automatically in your AVANA Dashboard. You can collect customer shipping information with the in-page check-out feature.

WhatsApp Marketing is a fantastic vehicle to build long-lasting relationships with your customers that can help boost your online sales. To achieve even better results, master all the channels your customers prefer, including WhatsApp.

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