Why Images Are Important To Increase Your Sales Using Instagram

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Nowadays, we live in an era where everyone has their cameras, i.e. smartphones, either in their pockets or in their handbags. In Malaysia alone, we have an estimation of 30.41 million smartphone users, according to Statista. We are in the digital age where image creation and content are crucial than ever before. Content that is paired with images attracted 94% more views on average than content without visuals. 

Is a picture worth a thousand words? Yes, provided if it’s a perfect picture. However, today it’s also worth a thousand hearts on Instagram. Today, people have an attention span of lower than nine seconds – even goldfish have a better attention span than us! The human brain can recognise a familiar object in only 100 milliseconds, making images ideal for communicating in today’s less than goldfish attention-span world.

Images Get Your Customers Attention

Instagram is a crowded space, and using attractive images is fundamental to grab your customers’ attention because our brains reply quickly to pictures and colour (cool ones especially) in contrast to other types of information.

To get a positive result, you have to share images that matter to your target audience. For example, you are in the business of selling beauty products, and your images should be attractive in tempting female customers rather than men. You need to find out what type of visuals matter to your customers.

Varied Images Keep Your Customers Interested

To maintain your customers’ attention, be sure to use various images. When you change image types from time to time, you avoid having an Instagram feed that shouts “same old, same thing.”

Mix it up with stock images, candid mobile phone photos, banners made with Canva, infographics, memes, and more. One of the most important things – avoid selfies at all costs. Your Instagram presence should be about your customers, not yourself!

Images Help Your Customers Remember Your Message

Studies show that people only remember 10% of what they hear once three days have passed. However, if you match a suitable image with your content, people can retain 65% (that’s 55% more) of the information after 72 hours.

This is an incredible jump in retention, and it shows how crucial images are when you’re trying to make your online sales. Text-based information is unfortunately inefficient on its own, so be sure always to include an image.

Images Are Relatable to Your Customers

Images can make your Instagram posts highly relatable. Customers usually purchase from those they know, like, and trust. This is where the “relatable” factor makes all the difference.

When customers relate to your posting emotionally, they form a bond with your brand that is perceived as “likeability”. We have to admit customers are attracted to those they like!  Humour, data, quotes, and even personal photos (not selfies) in your Instagram posts can help customers get to know you and build relationships online.

Instagram is continuously reinventing itself and evolving over the years. This mobile app is no longer just a photo-sharing app; it has become more than that. It offers many opportunities to showcase your work either as an individual or as a business entity.  Using a suitable and attractive image for every Instagram post makes your content more effective.

Instagram marketing is an incredible channel to build long-lasting relationships with your customers that can help increase your online sales. Try out other social media channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook to elevate your sales to another level. 

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