Marketing Campaign Types for All Businesses

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Building awareness, increasing traffic and sales, and attracting new leads are among many reasons for a marketing campaign. Regardless of long-term or short-term, successful campaigns should bring value to your business.

There are various types of marketing campaigns you can tap into for your business. We’ll share a bit about 9 common marketing campaigns you can apply.

Lead / Customer Acquisition Marketing

Less on the profit, more on awareness, this type of campaign focuses on getting consumers to buy, sign up or subscribe to your product. It is a mix of other marketing campaigns (refer below for reference) that educate people not only about your product but opens up opportunities for more reach.

Product Marketing

Sales post-launch are as important as during launch. Introducing a brand new product to the market that consumers find desirable may look as straightforward as it sounds. But making your campaign a success depends on a few key factors:-

  • Is your messaging and positioning accurate?
  • Do your customers (existing and potential) understand the value of your new product or service?
  • How will you maintain the momentum in product demand and usage?

All of these tie up to how much you understand your audience, their needs and the ability to be relatable as well as relevant.

Social Media Marketing

Expand your utilisation of social media as a selling platform, and create attractive and effective social media marketing campaigns.

Create a plan

  • Review your social media performance, assign team members, and prepare a budget

Set clear goals

  • Know what you intend to achieve through your social media marketing campaigns like brand awareness through shares, mentions or partnerships, social media-driven website visits, assisted social conversions, etc.

Promote across multiple channels

  • Share your campaign across other communications channels (ads, text message, newsletters) to remind your audience

Analyse results

  • Review how well your campaign went based on the campaign goals set

Paid Advertising

Including but not limited to Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Create campaigns and do A/B Testing to understand what copywriting style appeals to your audience.  

Another form of a paid advertising campaign apart from Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is Paid Social Media Marketing. It includes engaging with Influencers or Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to promote your business to their followers.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing campaigns focus and highlight a subject related to your business—an audience segment, product / service, or topic. Plan and create content that connects the campaign topic and target audience

  • Set a specific goal
    • Lead generation
    • Brand awareness
    • Social media engagement
  • Content format
    • Videos (YouTube, IG Reels)
    • Blog articles
    • Social media posts
    • Infographics
  • Apply keywords that are relevant and competitive
  • Determine whether you want to market your content on your social media channels or webstore

Email Marketing

Effective email marketing campaigns are all about engaging with your audience. For example, It could be giving a simple warm welcome, educating them on your business or even sharing a celebration.

  • Some important notes when creating email newsletters:
  • Write eye-catching subject line
  • Make sure you email copy is clear and with purpose
  • Include a Call-to-Action button / link that aligns with the campaign objective
  • Educate leads about your business and values
  • Engage and raise awareness on sales, webinars, new features
  • Nurture subscribers with consistency and focus 
  • Show interest in inactive subscribers
  • Group your subscribers list based on demographics or activity to customise your content

User-Generated Content

Never underestimate the power of consumer testimonials. Through user-generated campaigns, you increase your credibility and expand reach through your customers’ experiences.

Content based on these experiences can come in many forms—blog, social media posts, videos—that share their love for your brand, products and services.

  • Why testimonials matter
    • Your customers are sharing why your brand is valuable to family and friends
    • Your customers help create content for your business

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness campaigns revolve around making your brand stand known. However, in order to have a successful campaign, you need to:

  • Know your target audience – study the demographics
  • Identify which social channels garner the most activity
  • Consider your budget (this will help determine which channel to advertise on)
  • Set a clear goal
  • Track campaign results (always)

Affiliate Marketing

Similar to Influencer Marketing, this type of campaign utilises third party individuals or entities in promoting your business. However, they differ in duration and commission.

Affiliate Marketing campaigns are when your affiliates share your brand link and / or banner on their personal social media accounts / sites that redirect followers to your landing page. And for every click made on the shared content, they earn commission.

As a merchant on AVANA, the Jomduuit Program eases affiliate recruitment, management, commission setting, sales performance tracking and analytics for your business through a centralised dashboard.

Team discussing marketing campaign ideas

BONUS Marketing Campaign Ideas

Apart from the extensive list of marketing campaigns above, here are a few more examples you can consider for your business:-

Public relations campaign

Get word out on an event you’re organising or a new product to a larger audience via media. Find a unique selling point to highlight that media organizations can build a story on to attract more attention to your campaign.

Referral marketing campaign

Like testimonials, customer recommendations can prove to be effective in growing your audience. Referral campaigns are about getting your customers to recommend your company to their contacts or vice versa. Your customers help you acquire leads easily, and in return, they are rewarded for their contribution.

Partner marketing campaign

Collaborate with other companies with complementary services or products. Marketing campaigns like these will benefit each entity in the partnership through shared customer databases and potential crossovers.

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