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Start your own online business by becoming a reseller for an established local brand with AVANA. Here’s a quick guide on how it works!

How to Sign Up as a Reseller

  • One (1) email can only be used for one (1) user registration. If you use another email, it will be tracked as a new user.
  • Login is based on the first login that you choose (Facebook / Gmail).
    – We recommend using FB Login for mobile app
  • If you need any marketing materials, you can request them from HQ

Receive Your Invitation

  1. Click on your HQ invitation link
  2. Download the AVANA app on Google Play or App Store
  3. Click on “Log in to AVANA app” with your Facebook / Gmail account
  4. Create a new account by filling in your information

Now, you are ready to proceed! Click on “Get Started”

Submit An Order

  1. Log in to AVANA Mobile App
  2. Click ‘Share & Earn’
  3. Click HQ Brand
  4. You will have an ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Share & Earn’ button based on your role

Note :

Dropship = Add to Cart

Affiliate = Share and Earn

Add to Cart’
(For Dropship feature only)

  1. Key in your customer’s order
  2. Key in your customer’s details
  3. Click Shipping
  4. Proceed with payment via ‘Online Banking’

You can view the successful orders in the Dropship Order section

Share & Earn’
(For Affiliate feature only)

  1. Click ‘Share’ next to the HQ name to share Webstore Link 
    1. Alternatively, you can click ‘Share’ at every product to share individual product links
  2. Select a channel to share the product or webstore link : 
    1. Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  3. Customer chooses the product and keys in their details
  4. Customer proceeds with payment via ‘Online Banking’
  5. You can view the collected commission in the Profile > Payout section for every successful order made by a customer

You can view the successful order in your Affiliate Order section

‘Request Payout’
(For Affiliate feature only)

In the AVANA Mobile App :

  1. Select Profile
  2. Select Bank Account to update your bank account details
  3. Click Payout to request the payout
    (the balance of your commission will be displayed here)
  4. Read the Terms and Conditions before requesting payout
  5. Click ‘Request Payout’

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