It’s a very exciting time for us! We’re glad to announce that Square Social commerce platform is now open for public beta. We announced this during the BFM radio interview last week and the feedback has been quite pleasing. We got a lot of features request and of course, bug reports, which are great – and we were quite happy to fix them all. Immediately!

We also rolled out quite a number of new features, quietly yesterday, The plan next is to build another layer of social features on top of these base system that we have at the moment based on your feedback. So feel free to email us your comments and suggestions – every single one of them counts!

We’re excited to move forward and see what’s in store for next year. In the meantime, we’ll be hard at work to make your selling process easier =)

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p/s: I’ll update this post with the link to the BFM interview podcast as soon as it is made available to us.
pps : We also have a forum now for you to submit bug reports and suggest new features. Check it out here

While popups blocker is good to prevent unwanted popups, it can interfere with legitimate popup functions in application like Square. Follow the steps in the links below to enable popups in your favorite browser

In Firefox, you need to add the domain name to an allowed or exceptions list. Once you add this to the list,  you should be able to use the application normally. Click here to learn to manage pop-up blocker settings in Firefox.

Similar to Firefox, you need to add to an allowed list of sites . Click here to learn how to do that

Internet Explorer:
Click here to learn on how to enable popups in Internet Explorer

We have a big mission, to change the way people buy and sell online.

The e-commerce infrastructure that’s currently in place is broken; and we’re out to fix that.

Our goal is to help online entrepreneurs to setup their online business at an affordable price. As we are also entrepreneurs, we understand that running an online business is not easy, so we want to make managing and tracking it a breeze for you. We’ll go through the pain, so you don’t have to.

And with that in mind, we’re completely thrilled and humbled to announce that we’re now accepting sellers for our private beta.

What you’ll be seeing and using, is the first step towards our big mission. Over next couple of months, we will be releasing bunch of scheduled new features to achieve this. We’ll incorporate your feedback into the features that we are building.

So, if you’re selling something online and is looking for a system to streamline your selling process, and stock management, try us out, there’s nothing to lose – it’s free 🙂

Head to to signup for our beta invites. 

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